Thursday, September 25, 2008

Talent or Not ?

We had a ward Talent Show . There was LOTS of talents from people that many of us didn't even know about ... Some of us girls got together and made up our own little song and dance :-)

From left to right .... Brittney -- Deana - Becki - Muaaa - Trina

We had way toooo much fun !!! Thanks my friends !


Marily said...

Love, love, love it! Only sad I wasn't there to be in and/or see it! :( Thanks for the names too, I saw the video on Becki's blog but couldn't figure out who everyone was. Let's get together soon.

sisibob5 said...

SHYE! oh my gosh! You are sooo funny! This is darling! haha I totally loved it! :]

Sarah said...

I love your new blog layout. I was talking to Stephanie M. and we agreed that we need to have another 5th Ward Girls Night Out. What night is good for you? I'll send out Evites online.

simplyshye said...

My Super FRIEND Sarah ... I just sent out a email the other day - how funny you would think of that ... Hmmm - i must gots the wrong email for you -- send me a email :-) thanks -shye

Bowman Family said...

Shye... My, my, my Mama Mia! I LOVE this! You are quite gifted. What moves! You are amazing!!! I love your blog. I love the cakes. I love you!!!
You are my hero!

Thanks for the concern about everything going on right now. Please don't ever feel uncomfortable asking anything. I am very open.
Love ya!
Meg :-)